ICAN Technical Care

Digital Operating Theatre Inspection


Dear Service Technician of ICAN

Please ensure you complete below to the best of your ability.  Ensure your laptop or device is plugged in and has sufficient power.

Always remember that your end result is a reflection on us as a company.


Service Technician Details

Employee Number:

Client Details

Hospital Name:
Contact Person:
Hospital Group:
Theatre Number and/or Name:

Controller & Touch Panel

Log onto the Controller and Touch Panel and retrieve below information:
Controller IP Address:
Controller Model:
Controller Firmware Version:
Download Error log from the controller and upload the file here:
Which Programs loaded on the Controller?
Touch Panel Model:
Touch Panel Software Version:
Touch Panel is working?
Selected Value: 0
Condition of Touch Panel


Check availability of the following:
Please tick available destinations and make sure all sources ticked below are working on the destination
Please tick available sources



Make sure the theatre is clean, neat and tidy

3rd Party Items

Selected Value: 0
Condition of Pendants:
Selected Value: 0
Condition of Arms:
Selected Value: 0
Condition of TCP:
Selected Value: 0
Condition of Theatre:
Selected Value: 0
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